Letsgoctina! : May 2017

May flew past so fast. I honestly cannot believe that it is already over!

This month for me was like a last push towards the finish line. I have yet to cross the line but I am very close to it due to this one last push. I haven’t visited a lot of places this month but a lot has happened since May 1st…

Like I mentioned in my last post, May 1st was a tragic day for UT campus as we lost one student due to a tragic stabbing accident and I pray that he rests in peace with God and I also pray for his family…

To be quite frank, the UT campus is not that pretty. The only prettiest part of campus, in my opinion is this UT tower. The tower is also associated with a tragedy due to the shooting in ’66 but it is the main attraction nonetheless..

The next day, I went to Potbelly’s for the HOSA profit share with my friend. I don’t have a picture of the sandwich I had, but it was pretty good. It was turkey spinach somthing.. It was my first time but I forgot to take a picture. But because it was my last time to hang out with my friend, we went over to Moojo to hang. I have been to Moojo before but it was my first time actually buying something to eat (lol).

I am quite proud of this picture. It looks like THE Instagram pic. I think I would go here again when I am craving sweets really, really, really badly. I might just get the ice cream next time.

After my last class ended on May 4th, I went back home to Katy. At home I didn’t do much except catching up with my dogs and some sleep before my last final on the 15th. I had to bus back to Austin on the 11th and my dad dropped me off at Katy Mills Mall but before we stopped at Starbucks.

I’ve only seen this drink on Instagram or on other people’s hands but I was hesitant to get one for myself. Like it says on the caption, I quite liked the taste and I might pick it up whenever I feel like getting a refreshing drink other than coffee/tea.

Once I got back to Austin, I pretty much was on STUDY MODE. I studied mostly in our apartment because my roommates were not home. I tried to study at the Union and at the Libraries but I kept on getting distracted…

This is what my desk usually looks like. Kinda messy but organized. I was really worried for this final but I did pretty well 😀

Parks and Recreation is one of my favorite TV shows ever and Ron Swanson is my favorite character. So my roommate got me the cup XD #bestroommateever!

This is another part of the Pharmacy building. I usually enter through the other doors (that is not pictured). I just thought that this part of the building was really pretty. My brain was pretty much fried at this point so it looked better than how it is pictured lol.

Then the day after my final, I decided to explore the UT campus by going to three museums. In. One. Day. Like I said, my brain was pretty fried at this point. (I have a lot more pictures that I posted on Instagram but I’ll just post one from each museum=> check out my instagram for more pictures if you’re interested @letsgoctina )

The first museum I went to was LBJ Presidential Library. I really liked it here. It was jam-packed with information about LBJ, Lady Bird Johnson, their policies, life in the White House, as well as info about the Vietnam War.

There were so much information that I rushed through but I definitely recommend this place if you are on campus and have nothing to do. Go here and learn. Learn about the past as well as about the struggles that were going on.

What I took from this museum was that LBJ was a great and intelligent man with big ambitions to turn US into a great society. However, he became president during one of the hardest time and because of that, his accomplishments are in a way, shadowed…

In the museum, there is this thing where you can hear the President talk. Apparently LBJ liked to record his phone conversations and so you could actually peep in and eavesdrop to his conversation. And in my opinion, LBJ had THE Voice. The voice of a leader, The voice of a President, like Obama.

The next museum I visited was the Texas Memorial Museum. Being a science nerd (yes I am big enough to admit that I am a science nerd) I thought that I would LOVE this museum and spend a huge chunk of my day here….no.

I don’t recommend this place if you are a Cell Biology/Microbiology or a science major that do not care for rocks. There weren’t that many displays here except for the ground floor with a few fossils. If you are a geosciences major, or a geology major, this might be interesting for you. But it was not the case for me. The best part of the museum for me was the gift shop. I spent about the same amount of time at the gift shop….

The last museum that I visited was the Blanton Museum of Art. I usually do not care for Art museums because I like museums where there is interaction. But you can’t really touch the art so…

Surprisingly, I really liked it. There was SO much art pieces to see. At one point I went into the room and just did a quick scan and walked out because THERE WERE SO MUCH TO SEE.

I think I took the most pictures at Blanton. There were two art pieces that I really liked and so I bought the post card with them on it to hang on my wall.

When I got back home, I could not feel my legs. My feet were hurting so badly. I planned to go to the Graffiti Park the next day but I couldn’t even walk to the kitchen so for the rest of the week I became one with my bed….

Then after I had three days of sleep, I went to Lucky Lab. Then wrote my May Muses! at the Union. There were not that many people on campus since school had ended and so it was pretty nice. The coffee was ok. It was not the best cup of coffee ever, it was kind of watery.

I think the reason why Lucky Lab is hyped is because its supposed to be a convenient place to get coffee. Honestly though, it was kind of far from my apartment. Starbucks was much closer. And probably less expensive for the same size…

Then on May 20th, I walked! It was kind of exciting to walk across that stage. It was kind of uncomfortable because prior to walking, people were asking each other the big question: “So what are your plans after graduating?” Then I would reply, “Oh…I have summer school.” And they would all look at me and say “Oh….ok…” Then move on to the next person. It was quite awkward because I was walking with the class of 2017. I didn’t know that many people in the Biology class of 2017 (since I started as class of 2018). But I did know one friend who was also walking early so I just sat with her. The ceremony was quite boring and was really rushed. But it was a memorable time….

It still doesn’t feel like I graduated though. Because summer school starts tomorrow and also I still don’t know for sure what I will be doing once I really graduate.

I walked today #graduatedatlast 😄😄😄😄

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After the ceremony, I came back to Katy with my family. I had a week before I had to go back to Austin and so for that one week, I became one. One. With. The. Couch/Bed. I literally did nothing. When I came home, there was a small TV that was installed in my room and so I hooked up my computer to it (since we have no cable) and caught up to all my korean dramas, korean reality shows, SpongeBob SquarePants, and Netflix.

Before I had to leave Katy to come back to Austin, I met up with my childhood friends. We have been friends since the 7th grade and we met up for brunch at La Madeline (which I don’t have a picture of) then we went to Kung Fu tea in Katy. The KFT in Katy was really decorative.

The decor is really pretty here 🙂 #kungfu

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The books were mostly Algebra 2 textbooks lol. I wonder where they got them.

#matcha milk tea! I've been craving matcha for a while and this is really good!

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I got the Match Milk Tea and it was really good. It was really thick and rich. I really, really, really liked it. I would get it again. And again. It was just the right about of that green tea bitterness and the sweetness.

We also played two rounds of VERY intense game of Jenga. I am really bad at this game because I have the worst luck but it was so fun.


The table was wobbly and so it was really fun. Every time we took out a piece, we freaked out. LOL

Then I met up with another childhood friend and the rest of our family. Our families have been friends ever since my family came to the US and it was just really fun to catch up. We also made fun of my brother and his new girlfriend together lol. We ate at this  new Korean restaurant in Katy called Tasty Ko. I had the GamjaTang which is Potato Soup with Pork. It was really good. But I was so hungry I ate it all before I realized I hadn’t taken a picture…

Then we went next door to Cocohodo for round 2. We stayed there until closing. We talked about all sorts of things and laughed so much.

I had the Green Tea Ice Cream and they actually had 50% off of their ice cream because it was their aniversary! Their ice cream was made from liquid nitrogen and it was really creamy and rich! I loved it. I would definitely go here again for ice cream!

The Kids were screaming and having the time of their lives as they made the ice cream with liquid nitrogen. #iwanttobeachild

That was all the places I visited this month. I am now back in Austin and I do have summer school tomorrow. I already received my first assignment and I am dreading it. I bought my textbooks for the first session and it cost an arm and a leg. Why are textbooks so expensive?

Anyways, thank you for reading this long post!! Have a great summer!


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