Birthday Present to me!

This post is quite random but I am kind of excited about this product since I’ve been eyeing it ever since it came out so…😍😍

But before I share the beautiful pictures…a story:

My birthday was on June 7th and on March 30th I placed an order on Sephora for the new Boxed Blush from Benefit, The Galifornia. The estimated date of delivery was the 5th and I was ecstatic. Since this was my first birthday away from my parents I was kind of lonely. And since it is summer break, none of my friends were here to celebrate with me. So I needed this little present to cheer me up.

When the day came I looked up the tracking info and it said that it was out for delivery! My class started at 10am and I also had lab after so I didn’t come back home until 5 pm. After lab, I checked the tracking info and it said that it was delivered and left at the front door of my apartment. I was over the moon excited lol.

So I sped home. But…you probably guessed it. It wasn’t there. I was confused and checked the tracking info page again but it said, in green with a βœ”, that it was delivered. I then went downstairs to the lobby and checked my mailbox just in case. Unfortunately for me, there was nothing there…

Why do these thing happen to me?

I don’t know if my package was stolen or just lost by the UPS guy or not but I contacted the UPS Customer Service and they told me to contact them 24 hrs after its last scanned date. So I waited until the next day. I also contacted Sephora and Sephora actually contacted me before UPS and kindly said they would send a replacement package again. UPS just confirmed my request for lost package and never contacted me back.

Sephora didn’t send the replacement package until the 8th so I was pretty down on my birthday. Plus I had lab on that day so it pretty much sucked. 

I got the replacement package yesterday after UPS missed the first delivery again and I had to pick up my package from the UPS Access Point at the Co-Op. Whatever. At least I got it this time. 😁

So here enough with my rambling…

This blush is quite stunning to look at. It is this gorgeous coral shade with a gold overspray and I heard from many reviews that the gold overspray comes off with a couple of uses but it still leaves a gold shine to the blush. I know I said that I wouldn’t buy any more blushes but I was weak. 😦 I’m sorry. And plus it was my birthday so…

I mean look at this. Isn’t gorgeous?


Sephora also have a Birthday Reward and so I chose the tarte blush and lip duo. The other thing was a skincare thing but I chose the tarte one because…I mean….blush and lip.


I haven’t swatched these yet because I don’t want to ruin the pretty impression just yet.

I also received some samples as well. This is a sample of Giorgio Armani fluid sheer tinted moisturizer. I now realize the box is upside down but oh well…I haven’t tried this out but I might use this next month’s MMC…


More samples.Image-20170614_180546


This perfume smells quite strong and nauseating so a little bit goes a long way…I like scents that are subtle like the ones from the body shop. But I mean I got it for free so…

Ok. That’s it for my little bday haul. Not much of a haul since I only bought the blush but I am quite pleased with my purchase. It took a little long to get here but it got here….

And to whoever stole my first package, I hope you also enjoy this delicious blush!





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