Stress-driven Haul: Origins, MAC Cosmetics, KL Polish…

I know what you’re thinking. What happened to not buying anything? I have no idea.

But in my defense, I have used up all my moisturizers/creams (as you can see from Product I’ve used up! post)…So its ok…

I have used this Origins Ginzing Energy-Boosting Gel Moisturizer before and this suits my skin type very well. I have oily skin and this hydrates and moisturizes my face without feeling too thick and greasy. It is a very light and has a gel-like consistency but it doesn’t dry out or make my face tight.

I actually bought the moisturizer on Sephora (I really need to delete the Sephora app…I’m constantly on that thing)…

Anyways, you get to pick three samples and they had a promotion for this two Too Faced samples. The HangoveRx 3 in 1 Spray sample and their famous Better Than Sex mascara. I actually also used up my L’Oreal mascara and so I again self-justified my purchase… T.T

I used the spray twice and it was gone…I mean it was a itty bitty sample. To be honest, I didn’t notice anything. The nozzle was kinda terrible and it just squirted the product onto my face but I mean, again, it is a little sample…It smelled great but I just didn’t notice anything. I think it claimed that it was a primer and facial mist and something else…I don’t remember…but it just felt like I was spraying squirting scented water onto my face.

The mascara is actually pretty good but I’m kind of disappointed in the wand. The wand is huge. Well I think its normal for regular people but I have small eyes and so this mascara wand was quite hard to maneuver. I have to open my eyes really wide to use it lol. But I like what it does to my lashes; it gives me a full volume and also lengthens them too. I just wish the wand was a bit smaller…

I got these samples as well. 2 masks and 1 cleanser. I’ve actually tried the Sephora mask and it was really good. It really cleaned out my pores on my nose and left my skin squeaky clean. I haven’t gotten to try the other ones yet…

So I don’t know how I ended up on the MAC Cosmetics website but somehow I did and then I noticed at the top of their website that they were having a promotion: Buy 2 lipstick and get 1 full size lipstick for free!

I’ve never used MAC Cosmetics before and I kind of wanted to try their Ruby Woo lipstick. Their most popular shade. Everyone absolutely loves this color and I am not a red lipstick kind of gal..I always feel a bit awkward with red lipstick on but Ruby Woo looked gorgeous literally on everyone so I added it to my cart.

Then I remembered that Sunny from Sunny’s Channel (youtuber) said that her favorite orange-red lipstick was MAC Chili. This was also a very famous lip color in Korea because Miss A’s Suzy wore it in one of her photo shoot. (But that turned out to be a lie..apparently she was wearing something else lol) I looked at the swatches online and then added it to my cart…

Then I saw the selection of lip colors that I could get for free. There were a couple of really bold purple and hot pink shades. There was also a nude color but I saw this bright orange shade and added it to my cart…(no self-control..I know) Also the name spoke to me…Barbecue. LOL.


yes. may you rest in peace…

I keep telling myself that this is the last purchase. No, this is the last purchase. No, THIS is the LAST purchase. and yet….

I blame school for this…I was really stressed. With exams after exams, quizzes everyday, labs every other day, and lack of quality sleep…

I also got this Prep + Prime Makeup Base sample and I’ve used it a couple of times but I don’t know if it does anything. I haven’t been wearing foundation so I’m not sure if it does anything…

I am actually quite satisfied with this purchase. I mean I basically got 3 MAC lipsticks for $34 since I didn’t have to pay for shipping!

When I opened them all up for the first time I was kind of shocked. They all kind of looked the same. LOL. But if you look carefully, they look sort of different…no. They’re different. Yes. Definitely.

Chili is a more deeper warm red with orange undertones while Barbecue is a more brighter warm red with orange undertones. Then Ruby Woo is just a straight up blue-toned red. Chili and Barbecue are matte while Ruby Woo is retro matte. The matte ones are a bit more creamer while Ruby Woo is a bit stiffer. But when I put them on my lips, they felt the same in terms of texture.

Surprisingly, out of the three shades, I like Ruby Woo the best. I think I might use it for July M.M.C….

Also the picture of the swatches are not filtered. I opened the blinds so the light is coming in but there aren’t any additional filters or light.

Then on June 20th KL polish, nail polish brand by my fave Kathleenlights, released their Summer Collection. When I watched her video where she explained them I wanted to buy them right away. I was most interested in the blue one, Porter Miami, as well as the red shade, Magic City. I also wanted Coconut Milk, the white shade, which is from their Spring line…

I got these polishes today in the mail and when I opened it…I realized they were perfect for 4th of July. Red. Blue. and White. (God Bless America! Please..) I hadn’t realized that when I added them to the cart…

I love KL polish, their formula is honestly the best one I’ve used so far. They last really long on my nails. I am very clumsy and always bumping into things and every time I paint my nails, I always chip it the very next hour. But with these, I don’t!

I mean they do chip when I am extra clumsy and fall or break my nail (which happens from time to time) but they last a lot longer than any other nail polish brands I’ve used. The brush is also paddle shaped and so it is really easy to apply. They’re very opaque and I just love them. And I love Kathleenlights.

As soon as I got them, I painted my nails with Porter Miami. And I love this color. This is just a pretty bright cobalt blue shade that reminds me of the tropics or just gives me a summer vacation vibe! I want to go to the beach so badly! Or to Kemah Boardwalk so I can ride some roller coasters and scream my head off. I need to scream.

Anyways this was it for my stress driven haul. I probably will not be purchasing anything from now on…(this is most likely a lie)…


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