Monthly Makeup Commitment: July 2017

It is finally July!!! First session of Summer school ends this Saturday with my final exam and my roommate is also coming back this month! It’s been quite lonely and so I’m excited to have her back lol.

So I was going to post this post on Monday but my parents decided to come up to Austin for 4th of July and they came on Monday. It was so nice to see them…I had to stop myself and physically remove myself from the car because I wanted to ride back to Katy with them 😦

So anyways, here is my makeup commitment list for the month of July:

For my base makeup I am still using my Origins VitaZing SPF 15 Energy-boosting moisturizer with Mangosteen. I don’t have a face sunscreen because most of the ones I’ve tried always broke me out. So I have been using this moisturizer because it doesn’t break me out and it has SPF 15. Its not a lot of SPF as some of the sunscreens but at least it doesn’t break me out. Also I just wear a hat to cover my face so it’s been ok so far.

Recently though something strange has been happening. Not all the time but occasionally, when I put this on and powder my face, the moisturizer starts peeling off…like it forms this weird ball like consistency…I’m not sure if that made sense…

If you have ever used those peeling masks where you massage the product onto your skin and the product forms these balls with your dead skin on the surface…this moisturizer is doing that to me.

Origins VitaZing SPF 15 Energy-Boosting Moisturizer with Mangosteen

I don’t know why! I used this for the other two months and it has never happened before. I think its because maybe I powdered too much? I exfoliated my face before applying this and powder but it still did that to me…Strange. What’s weird is that it doesn’t occur all the time. Like one day, I would apply this and powder and have no peeling. But then the next day, it peels off….Why?

Before I powder my face to set everything I am going to apply cream blush. Well it’s technically a lipstick but I don’t really like applying this to the lips. This is the Pony Blossom Lipstick form Memebox in the shade #3 Orange Dahlia. In my last M.M.C (Monthly Makeup Commitment: June 2017) I used this lipstick on my lips but I hated how it looked. It made my lips look really chapped and the product was kind of grainy (?) I don’t know how to explain it but because this product is soo creamy it lodged itself between the folds of my lips and just sat there…

So starting in mid-June I applied this to my cheeks just as a cream blush and it looked so beautiful!. It gave my cheeks a rosy hue and ever since then, I’ve been using it as a cream blush. I also will use a powder blush on top of this just to make my blush last longer since this product does fade quite quickly (that might be due to the fact that I touch my face a lot but…)

The powder that I will be using is again, the EGLIPS Blur Powder Pact in the Shade #23. The puff on this powder was getting really gross so I threw it away and started using the Real Technique Multipurpose brush to apply it and I think the puff does a better job at really applying the powder well…But its still a good powder nonetheless…I just need to figure out what is making the moisturizer peel off of my face…

EGLIPS Blur Powder Pact in the shade #23

For my bronzer I am still using my NYC Sunny bronzer. I used quite a lot of this bronzer last month! The middle part of the sun is almost gone now! I am really excited to use this up.

Like I said in my last M.M.C, this bronzer is a bit to red against my skin tone and looks a bit muddy if I use too much. I swirl my brush around the pan and then swirl it against the mirror part to coat it well on my brush. Then I tap off the excess before applying it.

I apply it on the outer rim of my face starting with my mandibular angle or the corner of my jawbone (I’m taking Anatomy this summer lol) and then underneath the zygomatic bone or the hollow area under the cheekbone  >.< (I really need to study for my final exam. T.T)

NYC Smooth Skin bronzer in Sunny

Then for blush and highlight I will be using the Colourpop Pressed Powder Palette in the shade The Knock Out. My roommate actually bought this for me as a Bday present (thanks buddy!) and it is really beautiful.

The blush is much easier to apply than their Super Shock Cheeks because it isn’t as pigmented as that one. You can build up the color with this powder one and it is much easier to blend. The Super Shock Cheeks are really pigmented and it is kind of hard to blend but this one is very finely milled and so it is really easy to blend and build. And I like the powder one more for that reason.

However, the highlighter is a bit disappointing. It is really subtle like the blush and I have to build it up to get it to show up. I like the Super Shock Cheek Highlighters because those are BAM! right in the face. And I like to have that BAM! especially during the summer. This highlighter though will be perfect for those who want a more subtle highlight.

Colourpop Pressed Powder Palette in The Knock Out

The colors are absolutely, 100% right up my alley. The blush is in the shade Excuse my French and it is described as a soft matte peach color. I love peachy blushes and this blush has peach with slight orange hue. I.LOVE.IT.

The highlighter is in the shade Like to Watch and it is described as peach with a duochrome gold flip. I don’t really notice the peachy color and to me it just looks like an orange-gold color. It is one of those colors that will give you that sun-kissed look. I like it, I just wish it was a bit more pigmented.

Top: Excuse my French / Bottom: Like to Watch

Then moving on to eyeshadows!! My favorite. I am going to use this palette that I have been saving for months. I got this palette in April and instead of using it, I just looked and admired its beauty. LOL.

But I decided that it was too pretty to just look at so I am busting it out. This is the It’s Skin Life Color Eye Palette in the shade #01 Meghan. If I could create my ideal palette I think it probably will look like this palette. This palette is just a neutral brown palette. It’s nothing special but it is so convenient for everyday and these browns are just a staple in everyday makeup looks (in my opinion).

It’s Skin Life Color Eye Palette in #01 Meghan

It’s Skin is a Korean beauty brand and I first saw this palette on Instagram. I follow some of the Korean beauty creators on Youtube and one of them posted about this palette.

What is intriguing about this palette is that all the colors are dupes for MAC eyeshadows that are really popular in Korea. Even the names are really similar LOL it’s like they weren’t even trying to hide the fact that they were copying. (I guess they’re honest)

Swatches L to R: Soft Cocoa, Wedge Shoes, Multiple, Hush Lust, Temptation, Soba Sauce

Soba Sauce is supposed to be a dupe for MAC’s Soba. I have been dying to try Soba because Sunny from Sunny Channel and a lot of the Korean youtubers swear by this shadow. It’s yellow brown undertone is said to be really complimentary against the yellow-tone skins. But I have been always hesitant to spend $16 on a single eyeshadow.

Temptation is said to be a dupe for MAC’s Tempting.

Hush Lust —-> MAC’s Honeylust

Multiple —-> MAC’s Mulch

Wedge Shoes —-> MAC’s Wedge

Soft Cocoa —-> MAC’s Soft Brown

Now, I don’t own any of the MAC eyeshadows listed above so I don’t know if they are real dupes for each other. But I did look at a lot of reviews for this palette and swatches side by side and they did look pretty similar.

If you have any of these MAC eyeshadows listed above, let me know if this palette is a close dupe or not…I’m curious.

The quality of the palette is actually pretty good. They don’t have a lot of kick back and so they aren’t as soft and creamy like Too Faced shadows but they are pigmented and blend quite easily.

I paid about $14 for this palette and so if you have been wanting to try out these MAC eyeshadows but wanted to  a more affordable option, this palette is a good choice. bb

Then to finish up my eye makeup, I will be using my Etude House Dr. Mascara Fixer and the mini Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara that I got in my Stress-driven Haul: Origins, MAC Cosmetics, KL Polish…

Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara, Etude House Dr. Mascara Fixer, ELF eyelash curler

I mentioned in one of the earlier M.M.C’s that the Dr. Mascara Fixer was too heavy for my top lashes but it turns out that I just haven’t been curling my lashes properly. The curler that I was using was not curling my lashes and so I switched the rubber part of the curler and it really perked up my lashes. Then I applied the Dr. Mascara Fixer and it really fixed my curls all day long!

The Too Faced Better  Than Sex mascara is really good. It gives my whimp and short lashes volume and length! However, the wand is a bit too fat for my eye shape. I have to open my eyes REALLY wide or else it will get everywhere, on my eye lids, lower lids, and outer corners. Other than that, I really like the formula of this mascara.

Then for my lips, I will be using two MAC Cosmetics Lipsticks in Ruby Woo and Barbecue. I decided to commit two lip products this month because I could not decide which one to use between the two. I’ll just rotate between these two 😀

Lately I have been really into the Korean lollipop gradient look and these colors are perfect to do that with. They are matte and last quite a long time. I just swipe the lipstick in the inner part of my lips and use a Q-tip to blend it out towards the lip line, forming a gradient.

I absolutely am 100% satisfied with my haul from MAC (Stress-driven Haul: Origins, MAC Cosmetics, KL Polish…) but unfortunately for my bank account, I’ve placed another order T.T (in my defense, I am a HUGE fan of Lee Hi)

Unfortunately though I can’t quite wear lip products right now.

Because few days ago I developed a cold sore on my upper lip near my cupids bow. I usually get cold sores only when I am extremely stressed out of my mind. It also depends on how much sleep I get I think. The last time I got a cold sore was in Junior yr of High school when I was overwhelmed with SAT, APs, College-prep, etc…and I knew I was really stressed now but I didn’t think I was that stressed…

I got my first cold sore on my lip in 4th grade. I remember this clearly because the cold sore was at its worst during Picture Day at school. And so in my 4th grade yearbook picture, I have a busted lip. And what’s worse is that the yearbook picture was in color and there weren’t a lot of students in my class so the pictures are quite large enough to see it. T.T

My parents didn’t know what the heck it was when I first got it and so they took me to the closest CVS and asked the pharmacist. The pharmacist recommend Abreva and Carmex. This works.

Abreva and Carmex

There is a distinct feeling in the area of my lips where I usually get the cold sore whenever it tries to make its way out into the world. It tingles and becomes red. Before it has the chance to surface its way out of hell, I would apply the Abreva and it would calm down.

However, the last time I had to deal with it was during high school and so I didn’t think (stupid me) to bring my beloved Abreva to college. I ran quickly to CVS but it was too late, it had surfaced. I still bought the medicine and dang….it was expensive. ($22 per 2g).

I bought it in this pump applicator instead of the tube because I thought that it would be more sanitary. I should have just bought the tube. The tube was also the same price. The pump squirts out wayy to much product. I usually just apply the cream to the cold sore area but it pumps out so much that I just apply it all over my lips and lip line because….$22.

It’s been about 3 days since the beast surfaced and it is almost gone now. I love Abreva. Abreva is bae.

Anyways, this is it for my July Makeup Commitment! Thank you guys for reading this post if you got this far lol.

Let me know if you tried any of these products and if you like them or not 😀



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