July Jotting!


Long time no post! I have been meaning to post my Monthly Mental Notes for June but I was just so bogged down by summer school that I couldn’t even catch my breath.

So just to summarize what my June was like…it was quite boring. But not boring because I had nothing to do but boring because I had so much to do. I had to study, go to lab, then study to take an exam, then take the exam, then study for the next exam, then go to lab, then study, then take the exam, then go to lab, then study, then go to lab, then take the exam, then study and take the exam. Yep. That sums up June perfectly.

But to be honest, June flew by pretty quickly…maybe its because of the same routine that I had going on…I don’t know. I’m not sure if I mentioned this but I only took one course for the first session. I took Anatomy and Physiology which was pretty difficult. If I had taken this course during a regular semester along with other classes, I think I might have dropped this course. It was really challenging. There was just so much detail that I had to know and because it was a summer class I only had a few days to memorize everything before the exam. It was really intense….

Although June was my birthday month, there wasn’t much else that was going on. I made some stress driven purchases (Birthday Present to me! and Stress-driven Haul: Origins, MAC Cosmetics, KL Polish…) nothing much happened…

Campus was pretty quite, nothing going on…

I also feel like this applies to July…I began my second session a day after my first session ended…This was a tough transition. I thought that I would have a break in between sessions but after my exam on Saturday, I had Sunday off and second session began on Monday. Cruel. Yeah. I know.

For second session I am taking two courses. One sociology course; The Family and one  rhetoric course; Writing about Videogames. Both of these courses are Liberal Arts courses and being the science major that I am, it was pretty unfamiliar territory. I both hate them and love them. I hate them because both of my classes require reading a GAZILLION papers and having open discussions about them in class. And the classes are SO SMALL!! There’s like only 20 people in my class! That’s not a class! That’s a small discussion group! Like I was pretty shocked at how small my Anatomy class was: it was at least 50 people (which is still nothing compared to other science courses offered in the semester).

But I also love these classes because they are so different from all the other classes I have taken in my entire college career. First of all, there are no exams. WHAT? yes. NO EXAMS!!! WHOOOOOOOOO!!!! There isn’t even a final exam!!!! #YAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSS

Secondly, in the Writing about Videogames course, we are actually playing videogames IN CLASS. YES. We do have discussion about the readings and have writing posts as well as essays but I mean….at least we get to play games! I highly recommend this course if you are a UT student. This is an upper rhetoric course so it will give you that upper level writing flag if you need it. The only reason why I took this course was for the writing flag..I just chose this randomly and I am so glad I am in this course.

And finally, I love these classes because I don’t have to study for an exam. Well I guess this is the same reason as the first one…LOL There are research projects and essays that are due but it feels nice to not cram for an exam. I haven’t pulled an all nighter so far… I mean its only been 2 weeks but still…For the first session, I pulled an all nighter every day before the exams and we had an exam twice a week so…That was rough…

I also applied to graduate in the beginning of this month. And because I have all my hours and requirements, I was approved to graduate. I mean I had the ceremony and everything (like I walked across the stage and stuff) but I didn’t really feel like I was graduating just yet. And now, with about 3 weeks left of school, I do feel like graduating…

As much as I disliked being in school (well not dislike..more like sick of studying all the time)…I felt a little bittersweet. To think about leaving college feels liberating but a little daunting. A bit scared. I’ve gotten so used to being a student and to step out into the real world kind of seems intimidating…

However, I know that wherever I step, whichever way I turn, God will lead the way. And all I can do is just trust, hold His hand and take that step. I know that this is easier said than done…

Anyways, I am taking a two year gap year (since I’m graduating 1 yr early + not applying to med school this yr) so I wanted to make the most of it. I feel like I haven’t really seen the world and this two year gap seems like the perfect time. I want to see more of the world but I do realize that being a poor college student, I can’t just demand my parents a plane ticket to Europe right this moment. I am going to explore more of UT and Austin while I am still here and then I am going to go explore Houston and Katy. Baby steps. lol

I also will then travel out of state (after saving some money) and I might possibly have a chance to go work in Korea so I am really excited about what is to come! These are all just possibilities but you know what they say…..possibilities are endless!

To document this, I decided to vlog. I’ve started vlogging on July 6th, 2017. I tried to vlog a little bit everyday but with school, its quite hard to. But once I finish school, I think I will vlog everyday and try to post my videos everyday. Oh yes. I am posting them. On Youtube.

Link to my channel! C.ChoiTV

I am pretty new to vlogging and editing so they aren’t the best vlogs on Youtube but maybe I’ll get better lol who knows?

I decided to call them C.ChoiTV because I didn’t know what else to call it…I got the idea from 2ne1TV and WinnerTV. I loved watching them back in the day…#forever2ne1

I don’t have a lot of adventures YET. But I promise, I will try to explore more of UT and Austin before I leave.

I think that’s all I wanted to say….Thank you so much for reading if you got this far and also please check out my vlogs and let me know what you think in the comments here on my blog or on my instagram!

I decided to turn off the comments on Youtube because since vlogs are kind of personal and I’ve read so many cruel comments on other peoples vlogs so…

Ok. Enough with the rambling. Haha. I will post again soon!


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