August Addressing


Long time no write! I have finally graduated!!!


I am currently back at home in Katy and honestly its been a blast to just chill at home. I got home last Friday and ever since then I felt free from time. I didn’t really know or care what time it was or what day it was…I unpacked, edited my vlogs bit by bit (bc my computer kept on crashing), watched Friends, watched How to Get away with Murder, and just played with my dogs..

It was really relaxing…

I was editing my vlogs and I saw how tired I was trying to finish up the semester. And the last two weeks of school, tbh was quite a blur. I had so many assignments, papers, projects that I had to do and I had a SERIOUS CASE of Senioritis which kept me from working.

But now that I am home, I feel so very relaxed…

I’ve been struggling with anxiety and insomnia for the past…no I think since the beginning of college but when I came home, I honestly slept like a baby. I have been sleeping a lot lately. I nap A LOT which is amazing because I don’t really nap. But I’ve been waking up late, napping during the day with my dogs, and then sleeping really early…I’m like a panda…I Eat. Sleep. Poop. Eat. Sleep. Watch TV. Sleep. Then I Repeat. (that rhymed)

Anyways…I just wanted to make a post to express my gratitude…towards everything and everyone.

Towards everything that has happened to me so far; surviving/graduating college, making memories in Austin, being healthy, good grades, and I guess for the education I received at UT..

Towards everyone who were in my life while I was at Austin; my friends, professors, teaching assistants, counselors, acquaintances, and even some people who I didn’t really like…I am thankful for having met them. Because I’ve met them I have memories and stories that I could tell, good or bad.

It does feel quite bittersweet. Bitter because now I can’t quite say that I am a student anymore…there is a different level of stress that I have to deal with. Although my plan in the long run is to go into medical school, for the time being, I am exposed to the real world. Two years of “no status” just an adult….out in the open…like a lost deer..oh, deer..

I think I’ve finished rambling on lol…

As always, thank you for reading this post if you got this far…

And also check out my vlogs here!

I will post my monthly makeup commitment soon…kind of late…its like middle of August..But I haven’t been wearing makeup since July and so I’m trying to figure out what to use…But I will post it soon…before September LOL.


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