Monthly Makeup Commitment: December 2017

December is already here! I can't believe it! It seems like this year just flew by even though during some of the days it seemed so long. So much has happened this year that I just cannot believe 2017 is going to be over soon. Anyways, enough rambling...This post, as you can see by the… Continue reading Monthly Makeup Commitment: December 2017


Mars has pictures of my hands and feet

I think this story is one of the most weirdest moment that has ever happened to me. It actually occurred really recently and I don't think I will forget this moment. Ever. This is a story of how Mars got pictures of my hands and feet. Since I am not working until next week, I… Continue reading Mars has pictures of my hands and feet

Product I’ve Used Up! 

I have pretty much failed as a blogger I admit it yes. Consistency is supposedly the key for running blogs but yet here I am... This month flew by so fast and I kept delaying my Monthly Makeup Commitment...and now it is already November. But I have to be honest, I haven't been wearing makeup… Continue reading Product I’ve Used Up!