Mini Haul

I actually ran out of my moisturizer a long time ago...and I have been meaning to go into Sephora to test out some of their moisturizer in person but I have been so busy working so I waited until I finished my program at the clinic. However, I ended up just placing an order online… Continue reading Mini Haul


My Chicken Story

I honestly have no idea where to begin when it comes to my personal statement. It's true. I have to write one very soon in order to apply to medical school and I just don't have much practice writing about myself. And almost all the advice I get from people and the internet is to… Continue reading My Chicken Story

Product I’ve Used Up! 

I have pretty much failed as a blogger I admit it yes. Consistency is supposedly the key for running blogs but yet here I am... This month flew by so fast and I kept delaying my Monthly Makeup Commitment...and now it is already November. But I have to be honest, I haven't been wearing makeup… Continue reading Product I’ve Used Up! 

Monthly Makeup Commitment: August/September 2017

Hello! Sorry this post is 23 days late...hee hee To be completely honest, I wore makeup only three times this past month and so I was kind of hesitant to even make a M.M.C. post for August... So I decided to combine August and September. I will be using these products for the rest of… Continue reading Monthly Makeup Commitment: August/September 2017