Korean Skincare + Sephora + MAC Cosmetic Haul

Ok. So I have been meaning to post my Korean Skincare Haul for some time now since I got the products I believe in the last week of December or the first week of January. I can't remember but I have been using them since I got them so hopefully I can provide you some… Continue reading Korean Skincare + Sephora + MAC Cosmetic Haul


Mini Haul

I actually ran out of my moisturizer a long time ago...and I have been meaning to go into Sephora to test out some of their moisturizer in person but I have been so busy working so I waited until I finished my program at the clinic. However, I ended up just placing an order online… Continue reading Mini Haul

Birthday Present to me!

This post is quite random but I am kind of excited about this product since I've been eyeing it ever since it came out so...😍😍 But before I share the beautiful pictures...a story: My birthday was on June 7th and on March 30th I placed an order on Sephora for the new Boxed Blush from… Continue reading Birthday Present to me!